How to start fishing

How to start fishing
March 21, 2017

Introducing someone to fishing:

Tips – Keep the fishing session short for younger kids, 75 minutes tops. If you have a kid who is bored while fishing, have them watch something fishing related on a smartphone or tablet to keep them occupied. The key is quantity over quality when teaching someone to fish, you want to have an action packed session. Especially if the angler hasn’t caught a fish before, any fish will be a good one!

Effective water temps – Fish when activity is high, water temp between 60-75 degrees.
Ideal conditions – Comfortable conditions for the person you’re fishing with, 55-75 degrees air temp, mild winds, ect.
Hookset – When using braid with live bait, simply reeling into the fish will suffice. If using monofilament, teach them how to reel while doing a vertical or sweeping hookset.
Retrieval – Have the newcomer use baits that don’t require a complex retrieve. Live bait, spinners, poppers, crankbaits, and senkos are good starting baits.

This video is aimed towards viewers new to fishing. In this video I tell you all about how to get started fishing.
It is kinda long, but I really do think I did a pretty good job at hitting the basics.
Check out my other video “basic fishing stuff” for a little more info on hooks, baits, lures, knots, line, and other basic stuff.

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